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The grand idea behind all of this is our evolving logo. As the honeybee population starts increasing again we’ll start picking up the broken honeycomb pieces and reuniting them with their hive. This is not going to be an easy task. Raising awareness is the first step, but action is the crucial second step. The logo represents the health of the bees in the real world, and right now they aren’t doing so well. It’s a problem we can all fix together. Together is the only way. Spread the word, volunteer your services locally, or ask us what small steps you can take to replenish the honeybee population. Our combined efforts will make a difference that we can all see and benefit from. Remember, it’s not just bees we’re saving, it’s ourselves too. Without bees we will lose 30% of agricultural crops. The bees need us to change our practices of using harmful pesticides and developing large monoculture environments. 

Heal The Hive Logo

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