About Us


Heal The Hive was formed by a few ordinary people in the summer of 2013. We recognized the issues that the world’s bees were facing and wanted to make a difference. Like many, we did not know the actual issues at hand and had only heard of this mysterious epidemic called Colony Collapse Disorder. We virtually became obsessed with the topic and started researching, attending lectures, and organizing a website that would clearly spell out the issues and potential solutions. It is a task too large for any one person or corporation to take on!

Heal The Hive believes that individuals and smaller organizations along with independent beekeepers and researchers will be the ones who can have the biggest ripple effect when it comes to this issue. Raising money for these smaller groups will have a direct impact on local communities. With community involvement word will spread more easily and make it out to the masses. While we need to raise awareness on a local and regional scale in the beginning, this problem is obviously a worldwide issue that is screaming for attention. Heal The Hive is a community of warm hearted, selfless individuals who are doing anything they can to raise awareness!

Spreading The Word

What does it take to reach a global audience and get hundreds of millions of people talking about the bees? The internet! This new way of living online is a great way to get this vital information out to everyday folks. It doesn’t take much to locate bee groups on facebook or twitter and start following them. Share what they are saying with your friends and then some of them may share with theirs. It’s a great way to start forming that ripple effect. 

Community will prove to be one of the most important ways to make a difference because large pesticide and seed corporations simply cannot reach the heart of people on a local level in the same way as a grassroots organization. 


Heal the Hive is on a mission to change any negative stereotypes the bees may be facing and get people excited to support them. They’re not out to sting everyone they see, all they want to do is pollinate your garden, provide their colony with food, and make the world a more beautiful place to live in. We are here to speak for the voiceless!